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MBI Cryogenics has a variety of cryogenic freezer technologies that we can employ in your service.

Batch Freezers

Perfect for specialty producers. Designed to accept standard bakers pans and racks directly. Available in benchtop versions and freestanding versions for racks.

Batch Freezer

Tunnel Freezers

The workhorse of the industry. These are designed for continuous freezing of products. The tunnel is installed within your production line. Various widths and lengths can be constructed to suit any production requirement.



Spiral Freezers

Designed for freezing products requiring long process times, high volumes, or restricted floorspace.


Immersion Freezers

A specialty freezer for hearty products that can be directly immersed in liquid nitrogen. These are used extensively in the pharmaceutical and seafood industries.



Choose from a variety of belts for your freezer


Chilling Equipment

Create dry ice directly from CO2! Maintain your product temperature in either a frozen state or simply blend the snow to maintain the desired temperature.

Used Equipment - Great Equipment and Great Values!

Who better to turn to for used equipment than the people who make new equipment. MBI refurbishes all brands of cryogenic equipment. Buy a refurbished unit or have us refurbish it for you.

Click Here to see our list of current Pre-owned Equipment


Piping, Tanks, and supporting products

MBI is a full service provider capable of assuming turnkey responsibility for the project. We can assist you with the procurement, installation, and management of all equipment.


Batch Freezers Top Quality Batch freezers built to your exacting specifications.

Tunnel Freezers Top Quality Tunnels built to your exacting specifications.

Spiral Freezers Get a high production freezer built to suit your requirements.

Immersion FreezersThe finest immersion freezers available

Chilling Systems CO2 & Dry Ice controls and snow horns.

Used EquipmentDon't miss our pre-owned equipment for great values.