Martin/Baron has long been a leader in the engineering, construction and development of high quality spiral freezer/chillers.  Whether for use with CO2 or LN2 these high production machines keep working where others fail.

Built with state-of-the-art technology to USDA standards these spirals can be custom built to accomodate any volume required.


  • Custom designed for use with CO2 or LN2 cryogen gas.     Type 304 stainless steel construction throughout product zones.    16 gauge floor and ceiling, 7 gauge support structure, 1" OD x 1/8" wall ratoary cage bars.     Full size entrance doors provided as required.
  • Doors furnished with heavy-duty triple chrome plated hardware and inside safety release.    All weld joints are continuous TIG types.   
  • Product zones conructed without open seams, gaps recesses, inside edges and hard-to-clean areas.     Product zone contains no plated parts.   USDA approved construction throughout.    NEMA 4X control boxes and instrumentation provided with simple push button conrols.    USDA approved stainless steel, endless loop belt conveyor.    Stainless steel, heavy-duty wash down motors with stainless steel shafts and fan blades provided in quantity and placement best suited for optimum air movement through and around conveyor belt.    UHMW cage bar wear strips and bearings.    
  • Emergency stop buttons provided as required.   Adjustable legs provided.
  • Belt width, number of tiers and spacing between tiers determined by customer requirements.    Exhaust duct locations designed to meet provess and installation requirements.    Drive componenets inclduing cryogen manifold located outside of freezer compartment.     Belt washer optional.    Walls and ceiling 6" thick, floors 6"-8" thick, foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation.     Floors pitched for drainage.    Rotary cage, conveyor drive motors, and main sprocket gear located externally at top of cabinet with optional cabinet enclosure.






Martin/Baron Spiral Freezer





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Sizes, system configuration, belt type, cryogen selection, control options and other variables are factors determined by the customer's specific requirements.  Martin/Baron engineering and food technology know-how, working with customer personnel, results in exactly the right equipment to match the most exacting of expectations.


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Quality Construction Features 


USDA approved contruction throughout.     NEMA 4X  control boxes and instrumentation.  Controls can be UL listed and are mounted on side of cabinet.   Interior and exterior case is 16-gauge stainless steel, type 304 throughout.   Entire cabinet internally supported by heavy gauge welded steel frame assembly.    Insulation 4" thick closed cell, foamed in place polyurethane.    Fan motors to be heavy duty, washdown type with stainless steel shafts and stainless steel fan blades.   All joints are continuous TIG welded, ground, polished and blended into a homogenous one-piece component whenever required.    Product zone constructed without seams.    Full size doors with stainless steel gaskets and heavyduty triple chrome plated hardware.   Safety release provided on inside of door.   3" square tubular stainless steel adjustable legs.    Stainless steel temperature sensor.    All refrigerant valves are included.   Welded duct collar provided on top of cabinet for attachment to approved insulated ductwork and exhaust blower by others.