Dry Ice is created from CO2 as the liquid phase converts to solid.

MBI Cryo manufactures a wide range of chilling products.

The most basic CO2 Snow Horn is a hand- held device with a simple valve and flexible hose. This is connected to a VGL dewar of CO2 or bulk system. This may only be used outdoors or in well ventilated areas. These are ideal for small or isolated production. These are available in 4" and 6" versions.

To provide adequate exhausts in production environments the Self-exhausting Snow Horn was created. The Snow Horn is encased in a protected housing with large intake holes at the bottom. The housing is connected to an industrial exhaust system and vented outdoors.

The housing is provided with a mounting collar for direct welding or bolting to existing blender hoods.

The Self-exhausting snow horn is frequently mounted on a free suspension arm or wire to permit the operator to easily move the device.

The MBI Universal Control System provides a method of additional safety and control of the device. The exhaust controls are interlocked with the snow solenoids to avoid unexhausted operation. Timers and other devices are also available to control the amount of snow delivered.






CO2 Snow Horn



Automatic Process Control & Self Exhausting Snow Hood