Immersions Freezers are a unique freezer for specialty applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Products are dropped into the liquid from the top where they either float or drop to the conveyor submerged in nitrogen. The belt speed determines the total immersion time. Products must generally be sturdy as the mechanical dropping process combined with the submersion and immediate cooling may affect some sensative products.

  • Freezes surface, reduces clumping.
  • Compact size, saves space.
  • Reduce shrink substantially
  • Retain color, moisture, texture and taste.
  • Eliminate drying out of product
  • Perfect for shrimp, mussels, soft fruits and vegetables.  Also freezes chicken tenders plus various meat products, seafood and prepared foods.
  • Excellent pre-freezer for subsequent mechanical refrigeration systems.
  • Easy operation; simple controls


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Martin/Baron Immersion Freezer



Schematic of Immersion Freezer

The liquid nitrogen is kept in a fixed tub and a conveyor is run through the liquid just below the top surface. The insulated cover is elevated with the conveyor to permit easy cleaning.


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Quality Construction Features 


USDA approved contruction throughout.     NEMA 4X  control boxes and instrumentation.  Controls can be UL listed and are mounted on side of cabinet.   Interior and exterior case is 16-gauge stainless steel, type 304 throughout.   Entire cabinet internally supported by heavy gauge welded steel frame assembly.    Insulation 4" thick closed cell, foamed in place polyurethane.    Fan motors to be heavy duty, washdown type with stainless steel shafts and stainless steel fan blades.   All joints are continuous TIG welded, ground, polished and blended into a homogenous one-piece component whenever required.    Product zone constructed without seams.    Full size doors with stainless steel gaskets and heavyduty triple chrome plated hardware.   Safety release provided on inside of door.   3" square tubular stainless steel adjustable legs.    Stainless steel temperature sensor.    All refrigerant valves are included.   Welded duct collar provided on top of cabinet for attachment to approved insulated ductwork and exhaust blower by others.